Five Days Live – free online training starts on Monday

The Five Days Live team are getting ready to go live on Youtube, starting on Monday at 10 am ET

We asked members of the Belivers group which topics they would like to learn more about. Our program is composed of the top five topics.

Improve your broadcasts with Five Days Live free TRAINING

Starts Monday 10 am ET on Youtube

Monday Switching to Studio2 co-hosted by Steven Healey, David Burrows and Marco Novo

Tuesday Building you Brand co-hosted by Lottie Hearn, Marco . Joe Sheppard and Steven

Wednesday Impostor Syndrome co-hosted by Marco . Tina K. VaLant , Bridgetti Lim Banda and Fonz Chamberlain

Thursday Streaming Backgrounds co-hosted by David , Bridgetti, Steven and Marco

Friday Broadcasting to Youtube co-hosted by Lynda Sunshine West , Marco and Steven

Links to the shows will appear in the comments.

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