Five Days Live Free online training Tuesday 7th May 10am ET Conducting Awesome Interviews

Tuesday Conducting Awesome Interviews

Day 2 of Five Days Live Free Online Training.

We are here to help you benefit from using Live Video on Facebook.

Co-hosting today are David Burrows and Steven Healey

Interview based shows are one of the most engaging type of broadcast and they are fun to do,

You are meeting and engaging with someone, possibly for the first time , and helping them to tell their stories.

Interviewing is a skill we can all learn. Our first interviews are likely to be structured and scripted, however as we gain experience the questions and stories flow freely in a seemingly unending conversation.

The most valuable interview skill – the ability to listen

We invite you to join us live as we explore the possibilities – with your help

The shows are broadcast on Facebook using and are open to everyone.

Please join us 

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